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More than just technology

Explore DSS's proven digital tools designed exclusively for wholesale distribution – ERP, POS, mobile customer ePortal and more. Elevate brand management, streamline operations, and boost loyalty 24/7. DSS has been performing for over a decade across 120 distribution centers and is continually growing.

Explore the robust business rationale for how the DSS suite of digital tools effortlessly enhances your warehouse operations.

Digital transformation by the numbers

30 %

Estimated reduced time to sales conversion.

86 %

Estimated increase in customer engagement and loyalty.

58 %

Estimated reduced time to gather and process customer data.

92 %

Estimated increase in data process automation.

workflow enhancement

Every aspect of our software solutions are meticulously designed specifically for industrial distribution & logistics in the warehouse sector. Our tools are field tested, proven, and ready to simply go live.

Experience the future of wholesale distribution and warehousing with our customized, fully mobile, private-labeled ERP and POS customer portal. Elevate your brand management, streamline operations, personalize customer experiences, and foster loyalty with ease. Unleash the full potential of ecommerce.
Arclight, the ultimate contractor’s companion. Your all-in-one app and tool that revolutionizes everything from project management, resource tracking, bid submissions to on-site calculations. Arclight empowers contractors at every step. Simplify, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
Applicant Tracking System (ATS) elevates your hiring and onboarding process effortlessly. From application to integration, simplify the entire process with precision. Accelerate onboarding, simplify candidate tracking, and ensure seamless talent integration.

From the moment a new team member steps through the door, our system ensures a smooth transition into your organization, providing them with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to excel. Confidently navigate the complexities of onboarding and training, fostering a culture of efficiency and competence.

Streamline your operations by integrating your vendors, orders, and various other essential components into a unified, user-friendly portal, designed to save you valuable time and enhance efficiency. Data flows seamlessly, communication is enhanced, and productivity soars, all in one convenient and time-saving portal.
Asset Management Solutions (AMS) is your inclusive vendor managed inventory solution. From vendor collaboration to real-time tracking, AMS empowers your business process with efficient control. Say goodbye to stockouts and excesses, and embrace optimal inventory levels. Upgrade your supply chain with AMS.

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